Jenners and Music

Hey everyone! So did you catch all the fuss today? I certainly didn’t expect it. I woke up in my usual time and found myself looking for news on Twitter (it’s fast and it’s easy to fact check) and I noticed that Kendall and Kylie were trending. I checked out the reason (wouldn’t you?) and I saw SO much hate hurled in their direction.

Although that in itself isn’t anything new, the reason why they were receiving so much criticism struck such a nerve. Even with yours truly. The famous (although I’m not quite sure why they’re famous) sister had launched a bunch of “vintage” tees that showcased several classic rock bands and rap legends and pretty much slapped their initials and face over the faces of the icons.

Who honestly told them that would be a good idea? First off, copyright infringement. As the bands and personalities they picked to go on their t-shirts were established musicians with years worth of contributions to our popular culture, it would be pretty much common sense to realize that you’ll have to pay for the¬†right¬†to use those images. Especially since they’re going to be sold as merchandise that isn’t even part of the estate of those artists.

Second, where do they get the sand, the gall, the inclination, the right to do something to incredibly disrespectful? Have these young ladies been living in a bubble that they’ve effectively become so tone deaf to what’s appropriate and what isn’t?

The indignation of people the world over was right and justified. The cutout of an Instagram post over the face and brand of an icon? THAT’S WHAT CONSIDERED ART NOW? That is something that’s worth $125 of people’s hard earned money?

Kylie and Kendall Jenner are clearly out of touch with common sense. They’re young and they make mistakes, that’s fine. What about their consultation team? Their legal team? How about all the other adults around them? It’s like those people effectively don’t exist.

This issue became so big not only because of the apparently disjointed world view of the Jenner sisters and their overestimation of their accomplishments that would make them think that it’s okay to slap their faces on already established iconography. The music that these people created were important pieces of art that helped elevate our culture as a whole.

Biggie and 2Pac were both incredible artists and influenced so much of the culture that the Jenner sisters are using for their own gain. It’s incredibly appalling, if I’m honest. Since the issue broke out, the sister cancelled their vintage t-shirt line (due mostly to cease and desist orders) and apologized.

Is this really something that a simple ‘we’re so sorry’ is going to fix? What’s to stop them from appropriating more cultures for their gain? It’s not like their track record for improvement is anything good. It’s disappointing, particularly for two people who are quite sadly idolized by so many of our youth.

If anything, I certainly hope that this is the last time that music icons are used by culture vultures.

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