Cleaned My Dirty Chimney and Had it Repaired Yesterday

I can’t remember whether I’ve ever mentioned this before, but the home I live in is many years old.  Not Renaissance era old, but certainly more than 100 years.  The structure is well-built, mostly brick.  The house has 3 beds and 2 bathrooms that came with it, and it also has an attached garage that I had added onto it a few years ago.  When I first moved in, the property was in great shape, but the house was not.  The paint was coming off the walls, there was holes in the plaster, the wooden floors were scratched up, and the chimney was falling off the side of the house.  Over the first 6 months of living there, I cleaned the entire place out.  I got rid of the junk furniture, plastered the walls, refinished the floors with the help of some local experts, and repainted the walls and ceilings in every room in the house.  It was quite the feat!  The only thing I didn’t touch was the chimney…until yesterday.

I called a local chimney inspection company to check it out around 9:00 AM.  After about 15 minutes, we discovered that the chimney was in serious disrepair.  The brick walls of the chimney completely covered in creosote, which could start a fire and potentially burn my house down.  I wasn’t about to allow that, so I asked if cleaning was the best route to take.  As it turns out, it needed to be fixed prior to doing any sanitizing work because there was also holes in it and the bricks were separating from the house.  I’m surprised my neighbors never complained about it like they do for everything else.  Anyways, this company only did inspections, so I had to look for someone else to clean it.  After about an hour of searching online, I called a family-owned company that offered chimney services in Westchester.  They showed up in 15 minutes and spent the rest of the day repairing my chimney back to its former glory.  As it turns out, many of the chimney sweeps in this area charge crazy fees for repairs.  Luckily, the company we worked with was reasonable.  I’m happy to report that I am now creosote-free and looking forward to having a nice fire when the weather gets cold again.  Big thanks to the contractors that’s fixed everything for me on such short notice.  That was thoughtful and unexpected.