Michael Jackson lived between 1958 and 2009. He was born to a family of nine children in Gary, Indiana. Besides being the best seller singer in America, he was also an influential, songwriter, dancer and a music producer. His excellent work earned him the title”King of pop.” The prominent pop singer started off his music career at the age of five (5) when he joined his family’s Motown group –Jackson 5. He became the lead singer of the group. He later went on to a solo career and achieved as he released number one hits from the albums Thriller, Bad and Off the wall. He won different awards, and even amazingly his music still won an award in 2010 after his death. Alongside music, Michael Joseph Jackson demonstrated great achievements by investing in other fields; his Neverland Ranch. He just wowed the music industry during his time on earth.

Michael Joseph Jacksons Top Albums.

Off The Wall Released On August 10, 1979.

That was the fifth album of the American pop singer. It was released by epic records and CBS records internationally. The collection consisted of captivating pop and funk genres. Among featured singles were “Get on the flour,” “Workin’ day and night,” “Rock with you,” “Off the wall,” and “Don’t stop ‘till you get enough.”  The later hit song topped the Grammy awards – winning single.

Thriller – 1982.

Jacksons’ sixth album. This album wowed the music industry with seven single in the top ten hits. As if that’s not enough it’s the most selling in the history. It maintained the top on the chart list for 560 days and held number spot for 259 days. Thriller earned 12 nominations from Grammy awards and achieved eight victories, both records. What a time of triumph it was for him, it showcased the diversity in his work in the music industry. He garnered Grammy (best rhythm and blues song ) for his outstanding songwriting talent, ‘ Billie Jean ‘got him honoured for the singles, the album title song won him the best male pop vocal performer while “Beat it” earned him the best male rock vocal performer award. To wrap up the awards was the one for the prize of the album of the year which he shared with co-producer Quincy Jones.

Bad -1987.

Jackson released Bad in August 1987 as his seventh album. Like the previous albums, it gained popularity around the world. It attained the top of the charts with a record 5 number one hit. In it were singles like The Way You Make Me Feel, the title track and man in the mirror to mention a few. He also spent more than a year on the road playing concerts to promote this album.

Michael’s Neverland Ranch

By the late 1980s, he had constructed his fantasy retreat- a California range called Neverland ranch. He reared exotic pets such as Bubbles and also installed amusement park-type rides. He could sometimes open the farm for children’s events.

Michael Jackson’s achievements in music, business and record breakings make him famous to date. Even after his passing on. He was announced the top in publications list of top-earning dead celebrities for the fifth straight year by Forbes on October 2017. He is still the king of pop.