My New Pool

Let me start by apologizing for not posting in forever! Lots of crazy things have been happening at work and around the area. In the course of 2 months weeks, I got a job, left a job, got another job, started it, and then was told we’ll be working from home until further notice. So, here’s the exciting part…I put in a new pool! I’ve wanted a swimming pool my entire life and I finally just went for it. I order a concrete inground pool from Sarasota Pool Builders. My cousin tells me they’re the best, so I drove 4 hours to talk to them about the pool construction process, cost, budget, and all the details.

Before I talked to Sarasota Pool Builders, I had no idea the construction process was so complicated. Between planning, excavation, and the actual building process, the sheer amount of work involved would blow your mind. I digress. I went in with an idea of a mid-range price point for the budget, knowing that would get me something nice that’s made to last. However, I had no idea there were so many options. You could choose infinity pools, vinyl pools, lap pools, plunge pools, outdoor spas, outdoor hot tubs. The list went on and on, and the pool shapes and sizes were all customizable. These pool builders can build anything you can think of. I recommend that you visit their website instead of driving though since the traffic is terrible.

I chose an inground concrete swimming pool. It’s structurally sound, looks nice with the Gunite finish, and of course is the most expensive. But, it’s okay with me because it was a one-time purchase. I’m fine with making minor repairs as needed. I considered installing a cocktail pool, but it’s too small; I wanted room to stretch out and swim a little bit instead of just sitting in the water.

The whole process took about a month. They came to my house, planned out their attack and went at it. They excavated the whole backyard and dug a huge hole, poured concrete in a huge custom made cast, and filled in the ground around it all. It came out looking really nice and I’m so excited to test it out once it gets warmer outside.

my new pool

I already filled it with water because I couldn’t wait any longer, but it’s probably 50 degrees. I’m not down for the polar plunge, so I have to wait a few months still. As soon as it hits June though, I’m diving in. Take a look!