The Secret to a Happy Life

One of the biggest questions that we, as a human being, can ask ourselves is “what makes us happy?” What is the secret to happiness in life? Is it money? Is it a successful career? Is it family? The list goes on!

To know about the secret of achieving happiness in life, it is all about thinking about life from a broader perspective. Though life might appear chaotic & clumsy at times, life has its own intent & purpose for each individual on this planet. Everything that is in existence has a motive in life and is moving towards achieving the same. In actual terms, it is the intention that drives all the possible movements in the universe. This can be observed in the planets, stars, all living organisms, plants, and the multiple choices that millions of human beings all over make almost every second. The given intention emerges from the deepest levels from the urge or expectation to “exist”. Everyone & everything in this world is simply trying to demonstrate or express the validation of one’s existence.

The “secret” to happiness is actually about achieving a level of awareness, understanding, and the general state of positive mindfulness that aims at acknowledging the fact that everything is perfect for the given moment including your existence. It is all about trusting life & its various circumstances at every turn of life on your continuous path of creative desires & expectations in life. It is more about embracing your path of life, your previous choices, and the belief in yourself to make stronger choices in the present & the future.

When you wish to truly unravel the secret to happiness, here are some points to consider:

  • Life is What You Make of It: No matter what the circumstance in your life might be, you must always have the understanding that life is what you make of it. The experiences in your life will always be the reflection of how you decide to respond & interpret situations in life. Positive is for positive & negative is for negative. The overall quality of your personal energy & how you perceive it happens to be creating all the given conditions in your life.


  • Your Reactions Reveal the Truth: Your inner truth at the deepest levels is what leads to your personal choices & experiences in life. What you usually believe to be true is something that will drive you to create. Life will mostly confront you with several challenges of varying complexities. The choices that you make in such situations are something that will drive the vehicle of your life.


You should have an understanding that the universe is here to support you at all times. It is both inside & outside what brings you to different experiences of life and by how you aim at responding to them. However, the universe can support you only as much as you support yourself.