Top Ways I Manage to Keep My Life Organized

I will like to firstly admit that I tend to be a control freak and am in the process of navigating the concept of “how to let things be.” Though I might talk a lot of patience and the importance of acceptance in this blog post, I would like to admit that I like doing things and activities as per the given schedules and plan. After all, who doesn’t, right?

When I do not feel my life under control, I start feeling overwhelmed & completely stressed out. With my personal experience, I have to know the fact that most of the things in life can be kept under control with a few useful techniques and routine.

In this post, I am sharing some of the ways in which I manage to keep my life well-organized. Here are some:

  • Google Calendar: Google Calendar has been my reliable partner for keeping my routine tasks well organized and managed effectively. I simply tend to list down all my important tasks on an hourly basis in the application, and it keeps me reminded of the same from time to time. As much of my work tends to be digital, it makes ultimate sense to me that I make use of the digital tools that help in planning my life conveniently.


  • Cleaning Schedule: I like keeping things around my well-organized and clean. As such, I follow a thorough cleaning routine –starting with my room. I start off with organizing my closet from time to time. Moreover, I always aim at cleaning and organizing other rooms of the house including the kitchen, bedroom, living area, and others as well.


  • Meal Planning: Now that I have started cooking for myself, I find that at most days I become stressed as I have to cook right back after work. To top it all, I am not utterly good at trying out new meals every time. Therefore, I have come across an application known as MealBoard that helps me in importing useful recipes that immensely easy to make and delicious to eat. In this application, you can also come across some of the grocery items based on your choice of food items.


Giving way into effective everyday planning and meal planning, I have managed to keep my life well-organized –well, most of the times!